About YESH:

YESH INTERNATIONAL Co,.Ltd.was established in Hongkong in 2014. We are a trading company which is devoted to the development,production and sale of footwear,luggage and 3C electronic products.

 After 5 years,our company has been expanded to 5 subsidiary companys:

1. Quanzhou Xinxiangda shoes Co.,Ltd.
2. Quanzhou Xingfu Street Yesh shoes store
3. Fujian Chuanghon luggage industrial Co.,Ltd.
4. Fujian Sinhon commercial development Co.,Ltd.
5. Quanzhou Yesh import and export trade Co.,Ltd.

【Our vision:】

In the next 5 years, we will cultivate at least 5 large-scale projects and partners!

Among 2014-2019, we have been through the first five years with accumulation,which laid a solid foundation for company's sustainable development. The second five-year plan (2020-2025), we will be committed to the development of existing project, cultivate more new projects, actively encourage employees to be project partners and make a self-fulfillmentmeanwhile promote company better!


【Our Mission:】

We are striving to create a comprehensive business platform for win-win cooperation and entrepreneurship among people with ambitious  !

Under the Information Age, the only constant is to change. It is difficult to succeed on one’s own, It needs more partners to join in, to share information, to make a win-win cooperation! Achievement personal development! Achievement company development!


【Our values:】

Be faithful, entrepreneuria enthusiasm, teamwork, uphold changes, craftsman's spirit to do everything well!

Be faith: Be faithful to clients; Be faithful to suppliers; Be faithful to staff;

 Entrepreneurial enthusiasm:  Active; Ballsy; Entrepreneurial mindset

 Teamwork: overall situation awareness, cooperation spirit and service spirit.

uphold changes: Grasp the market mainstream, Lead at the cutting-edge of market change.

Craftsman's spirit: elaborate and strive for perfection while innovation and forge ahead.


【Our slogan:】

With Entrepreneurship keep in mind, ingenuity to succeed!


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